7 Reasons to enter Doctors' Choice Awards in Dermatology

  1. Distinguish yourself from the competition by showcasing your accolades
  2. Improve your online image with minimal expense
  3. Draw quality applicants to your practice by showing that you are a serious professional
  4. Show off your impressive trophy or plaque if you are a national winner
  5. Outshine the competition by showcasing your most prestigious recommendations
  6. DCA winners as well as nominees benefit from free marketing and publicity
  7. Boost your confidence and your image by winning the coveted DCA award for your own specialty

Doctors’ Choice Awards (DCA) is a collaborative effort among physicians to identify outstanding professionals in each medical specialty. Although virtually every dermatologist in your area has online reviews from patients, very few can say they’ve been recommended by other doctors. Even if you have received great ratings from your peers or from doctor-patients, how many people are likely to see those reviews? Doctors’ Choice Awards in Dermatology specifically showcases ratings and recommendations from fellow dermatologists, and doctors in other specialties.When people look for a good dermatologist, they are confronted with a never-ending selection of appealing advertisements and promises of excellence. To sort the quality skincare professionals from the masses of subpar clinics, many prospective patients turn to online reviews. Although most people know that random and unverified reviews can be skewed, they have few options to find the most reliable ones. That is why testimonials from physicians you have treated, taught, studied under, or worked with are simply invaluable.

Your participation in DCA is a great way to protect your online reputation, lend credibility to your profiles, and establish the trust of prospective patients. After all, who is better qualified to find the best dermatologist in the area than another doctor? It’s time to quit losing business, and start maximizing your review power!