Obstetrics & Gynecology

7 Reasons to enter Doctors' Choice Awards

  1. Set yourself apart from your competitors
  2. With very little expense, you can polish your professional reputation
  3. The most dedicated employees seek reputable practices to work with
  4. All national award winners are presented with a plaque or trophy
  5. Your practice can be more competitive with an improved image
  6. Being selected as a nominee or winner is great exposure
  7. Your confidence will benefit from excellent recommendations, and possibly an award

Every woman wants a gynecologist she can trust, and every mom-to-be wants the best care for her coming bundle of joy. You know that you have the skills that patients are looking for, but how can you let them know? Two of the most common ways of choosing a specialist are through referral from another doctor, and through reading actual patient reviews. We have combined these into a single innovative platform that connects prospective patients with the expert recommendations they are seeking.

Doctors’ Choice Awards (DCA) is not like any online review site you’ve seen. It is designed exclusively for reviews of doctors, by doctors. Do you have physicians who are your patients? Do your co-workers speak highly of you? Would your own mentors, or doctors you have mentored, recommend you? If so, Doctors’ Choice Awards is for you!
We give you the tools to gather testimonials from fellow physicians, and get those reviews in front of your current and future patients. You won’t have to worry about falsified or inaccurate reviews ruining your ratings, because it is not open to the general public. Even more importantly, your patients know that the reviewers are specially qualified to see the signs of exceptional treatment, so reviews from doctors are far more influential. As an additional bonus, you will have the opportunity to be voted a city winner or national winner in your specialty.