7 Reasons to enter Doctors' Choice Awards in Ophthalmology

  1. Highlight your professional achievements and set yourself apart from the crowd
  2. Cost-effective opportunity to enhance your online reputation
  3. Reach more potential patients and make your practice more appealing to the best qualified employment applicants
  4. For each specialty, the national winner will be given a plaque or a trophy
  5. Polish your professional reputation and help distinguish your practice from the competition
  6. As a nominee or winner of a DCA award, you can receive free publicity
  7. Winning a prestigious award is a great boost to your reputation, and your professional confidence

Doctors’ Choice Awards, known as DCA, is unique review platform that provides reliable rating of doctors, by doctors. By participating in this program, and possibly even winning a national award in the ophthalmology category, you can distinguish your practice and boost your reputation.

In the past, when looking for an ophthalmologist or other medical professional, people often relied on recommendations from friends and neighbors. However, healthcare is rapidly evolving, and the prospective patient has more options and more information than ever. They are researching medical procedures, verifying physician credentials, and reading a wide variety of online reviews. However, patient reviews are often unverified and one disgruntled individual can damage your rating with false accusations. Inability to sort out the credible reviews is a great frustration to doctors and patients alike – and DCA is the solution you’ve been seeking.

No one is better qualified to choose a great ophthalmologist than a fellow vision specialist or other medical professional. Your patients know this, which is why reviews from doctors are far more powerful than those from the general public. DCA enables you to collect influential recommendations from mentors, students, and coworkers as well as doctor-patients.