7 Reasons to enter Doctors' Choice Awards in Orthopedics

  1. Highlight your achievements and distinguish yourself from competitors
  2. Minimal expense, maximum positive impact on your reputation
  3. Establish a respected reputation that helps draw the best qualified employees, as well as more patients
  4. Plaques or trophies are given to the DCA national winner in every category
  5. Help your practice stand out from the competition
  6. DCA winners and nominees enjoy free exposure that helps put their names on the tip of patients' tongues
  7. Winning a national DCA award is a great way to polish your professional image, and feeling of pride

One of the benchmarks in the career of any professional is earning the respect of his or her peers. Nothing speaks of polished skills and notable expertise like impressing the very people most qualified to judge. In the medical field, your reputation among colleagues is also important to prospective patients. Choosing an orthopedic surgeon is an important decision, and patients want someone they can trust.

Positive patient reviews are good, but expert recommendations from other doctors are invaluable. You may already have many such testimonials. Perhaps some of your patients happen to be doctors. Unfortunately, their reviews are buried amongst dozens or hundreds of less influential, often unverified, ratings. You may have received praise or recommendations from other doctors you have taught, studied under, or worked with. How can you get the word out to your potential patients? Doctors’ Choice Awards in Orthopedics is an innovative system designed to address these very issues, with many benefits for top-quality physicians as well as for consumers seeking the best medical care.

The program is simple and economical to participate in. It will give you the opportunity to accumulate physician testimonials, and a wonderful platform to showcase them. You may even become a national winner for your specialty!