7 Reasons to enter Doctors' Choice Awards

  1. A platform for showcasing your accomplishments
  2. Cost effective medium to high up your professional reputation
  3. An improved professional image attracts better employees and more patients
  4. You will receive a plaque or trophy if you are a national winner
  5. Be more competitive in your city
  6. Winners, and even nominees, enjoy free promotion
  7. Winning this prestigious award can boost your confidence

You struggle to stand out in a sea of competition from other pediatricians and general physicians. You work hard to maintain an online presence and safeguard your reputation. Yet, if you haven’t joined Doctors’ Choice Awards, you are missing out tremendously on better managing your online reputation.

As you know, online reviews and ratings have a significant effect on the opinions of potential patients. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get your most powerful, most influential testimonials in front of the right people. In fact, those great reviews can even become buried by inaccurate, even unflattering postings. Wouldn’t it be a great benefit for both you and patients if the most trustworthy ratings come from the most knowledgeable reviewers – other doctors? That is precisely the thinking behind DCA.

No one is better qualified to review a doctor than another doctor. You know this, and your patients know it too – and that is the premise of DCA. We give you a platform to gather reviews from colleagues, doctors you have treated as patients, those you have taught or studied under, and others who are familiar with your work. You can then showcase your profile, ratings, and awards to establish instant credibility with prospective patients. Don’t wait; join today and start enjoying the benefits of Doctors’ Choice Awards right away.