Plastic Surgery

7 Reasons to enter Doctors’ Choice Awards in Plastic Surgery

  1. A great platform to benchmark your achievements
  2. Boost your professional image with minimal expense
  3. Excellent way to attract highly qualified staff and draw in new patients
  4. A beautiful plaque or trophy is presented to the national winner of each specialty
  5. Great way to distinguish your practice from competitors
  6. National winners as well as nominees will benefit from free publicity
  7. Being honored with such an award is a boon to your own confidence and your reputation

Do you want more out of your online marketing? Participation in the prestigious Doctors’ Choice Awards can help you do just that. You already know that patient review sites are a crucial element of reputation management. When choosing a plastic surgeon, people do not want to compromise quality. Unfortunately, you have little control over the quality or accuracy of such reviews, and prospective patients have no way of knowing which are most credible. Doctors’ Choice Awards is a unique service, it benefits patients as well as physicians by providing a collection of the most reliable and informed ratings – those from other physicians.When consumers are looking for the best of the best, they put their trust in expert recommendations. If your work is of standout quality, earning praise from fellow plastic surgeons and other doctors, you have a distinctive edge over the competition. That is, you have an edge if people are aware of those especially powerful testimonials. Your participation in Doctors’ Choice Awards adds a new level credibility and professionalism to your online presence. It is an easy, economical way to gather and showcase reviews from doctors who are patients, as well as testimonials from colleges, mentors, and students.