7 Reasons to enter Doctors' Choice Awards

  1. A platform for showcasing your most impressive professional achievements
  2. Great marketing tool with minimal expense
  3. Prospective patients, as well as highly qualified staff applicants, are drawn to the most reputable practices
  4. You will be eligible to win the national award, including a commemorative plaque or trophy
  5. Set your practice apart from the competition
  6. You can receive considerable exposure and publicity, at no cost, as a nominee or winner
  7. Winning a respected award is a great boost to your professional confidence and reputation

No one wants to take chances with his or her mental and emotional health. Choosing a psychiatrist, therapist, or counselor can be an especially intimidating process, particularly for an individual who is already suffering from a stressful situation. Naturally, when someone is seeking psychiatric help for themselves or their loved one, they tend to be very choosy.

While most people read online reviews, they know that those reviews can be quite unreliable. If you’ve ever had a falsified or unfair negative review, you have learned this lesson yourself. Doctors’ Choice Awards (DCA) is different. It is an innovative physician rating and review platform, but the recommendations are provided by other physicians. The most credible and influential recommendations come from doctor-patients, colleagues, mentors, and students who have went on to become physicians. We help you gather and showcase those important testimonials, allowing prospective patients to immediately recognize you as a skilled professional who is respected in your field.

Simply participating in Doctors’ Choice Awards or becoming a nominee will be a great boost to your reputation and online marketing. Furthermore, you will be eligible to become a local or national winner of the prestigious DCA award.