Dr. Christopher Mace

Dr. Christopher Mace, Ph.D., MAPP, MEd

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5680 King Centre Drive, Suite 600, Alexandria, Virginia, 22315, USA20247600227036473723
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Alexandria, Virginia, 22315,

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I have an enthusiasm to promote and create a more prosperous, more fruitful life in my patients. I’m a psychologist/neuropsychologist working with individuals, couples, and families who explore my services with multiple goals – I work with my patients to grow new skills, goals and help them manage challenges. My specializations include working with: anxiety, People exploring their gender identity (including children), as well as those who identify as gender non-conforming or transgender. People in sexual minorities (including those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, etc.). The parents/families of children, teenagers and young adults who come out about their gender or sexual identity, educating them and coaching them on how to be informed, unwavering advocates for their children. I work with military and adoptive families who have had a trauma/PTSD or TBI. I fundamentally utilize positive psychology and resiliency training along with dependably established methods and assessments to ensure the most reliable results. Neuropsychology mixed with positive psychology guide and influence my philosophy to focus heavily on the future of my patients while working through there past. Coping skills and Life training allows patients to flourish.

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