Dr. Daman Gill

Dr. Daman Gill

Daman Gill DDS, Dentist in Tracy, CA

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2242 West Grantline Rd Suite #102, Tracy CA 95377, Tracy , 95377,
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2242 West Grantline Rd Suite #102, Tracy CA 95377, Tracy , 95377,
Dr. Daman Gill, regarded as the best dentist in tracy received his DDS degree from University of Southern California, where he earned several awards for excellence in dentistry. He has been practicing dentistry since 1999 and he also holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from a prestigious University in India

He is well regarded by his patients and peers alike for his thoroughness, gentle demeanor and caring nature. Dr. Gill has completed many beautiful, cosmetic restoration cases here in our office (visit our smile gallery).

His greatest joy in dentistry is helping others get what they want, whether that is overcoming a dental fear or improving a smile with cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics including fixed brackets or clear aligners such as clear correct or Invisalign. His patients appreciate what he does for them, and he is grateful to be a part of their lives and enjoys coming to work every day. He receives great satisfaction in providing care to his patients every day, but the greatest gift is when he see the lives of his patients changed through his work. The people whose lives are changed the most come in to his office shy or lacking self-confidence due to the appearance of their teeth. After treatment with him, they not only love their smile and feel great about how they look, but they are often relieved after experiencing that how easy and wonderful it can be to see their dentist!

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