Dr. Daniel Cobb

Dr. Daniel Cobb

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Centerville, Ohio, 45459,
(937) 435 7311
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Centerville, Ohio, 45459, USA
(937) 435 7311
Dr. Daniel Cobb graduated with degrees in Dentistry and Public Health from Loma Linda University in 1977-78. After six years of international experience in dentistry, he returned to his hometown of Centerville, Ohio to begin private practice. Dr. Cobb’s passion has always been to provide quality dentistry that emphasizes patient comfort. In his early years of private practice he developed skills in restorative and cosmetic dentistry by receiving certification through Las Vegas Institute and completed significant amounts of continuing education in this field. His interests expanded to embrace ideas about dental health as a mirror to understanding systemic health needs of the body and how improving dental health can positively impact the patient’s overall health. By completing at least 100 hours of continuing education each year, Dr. Cobb has added additional knowledge and skills that prepares him to provide excellent dental care to his patients.

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