Dr. Dnyaneshwar Jadhav, MD

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Mumbai, 421306, India8451834859
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Mumbai, 421306,

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Dr. Dnyaneshwar Jadhav, M.D (Ayu) is an Assi. professor Of Kaychikitsa department from Shree Dhanwantari Ayurved Medical College, Mathura.-India. He has experience as a Reviewer and editorial team member on 100 international journal, and have published more than 25 International article and case study. He has published an digital book Ayurvedic anushandhan and as well as a printe version’Manual of Research Methodology and Medical statistics

His name is listed under “World Record” – “Youngest reviewer” in MARVELLOUS records book 2016. He was selected for *BHARAT SEVA RATAN GOLD MEDAL AWARD-2016* : GEPRA INDIA. Recently Received Dr Sunanda and Dr Subhash Ranade Award 2016.

He has been invited for international Conference on Medicine Sciences and Bioengineering (ICMSB- 2016) ,as committee member, which will be held at Guangzhou.(www.icmsb2016.org/committee.html), international conferences 2017 at  China’ as committee member.(http://www.ssphe.org/OC.aspx), as a speaker to attend the “International Summit on Neurology and Brain Disorders” which will be held in June 14-15, 2017 Sydney, Australia.

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