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Dr. Nhu Le

Dr. Nhu Le, DMD

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810 Bayou Lane,, Thibodaux, Louisiana, 70301, USA(985) 303-2920(985) 446-2888
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810 Bayou Lane,, Thibodaux, Louisiana, 70301,
(985) 303-2920
(985) 446-2888

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Dr. Nhu Le was born and raised in Da Nang, Vietnam. She moved to the US at the age of 17 and completed high school in Iowa. After high school, Dr. Le moved to San Diego, California where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in pharmacological chemistry from the University of California.
Dr. Nhu Le 5
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Dr Le has such an inspirational work ethic that I quickly viewed her as my mentor while we were co-residents during our GPR program. She never gives less than 100% and everything she does is done out of love for her family, friends and patients. I know that she truly cares about her patients because she is constantly acquiring knowledge through continuing education courses and by networking with other dentists to discuss cases so that she can provide her patients with the best treatment. Because Dr Le has excellent time management skills, a positive yet realistic perspective on situations, and a sense of humor that attracts so many, she is able to have a healthy work-life balance. I have so much respect for Dr Le. I am proud to call her my friend and colleague and can offer only my highest recommendation!
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Dr. Nhu Le 5
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Dr. Le is one of the most hardworking professional that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. She takes great care of her patients and always puts the patient’s oral health ahead of her needs. Highly recommend her.
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Dr. Nhu Le 5
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I attended dental school with Nhu for 4 years including 2 years of clinical rotations. I can confidently recommend Dr. Le because of her empathetic and hard working nature – two important qualities every healthcare provider should pursue. “Empathetic” – she interacts with everyone around her to a very personal level whether he/she is a colleague, professor, patient or clinic staff; she makes friends with everyone. She knows what is going on with their lives and deeply cares for them. For a long time, she picked up/dropped off an assistant at school clinic because she found out that the assistant has problems with her car and financial situation. There are other countless incidents like this. She truly has motherly instinct towards everyone around her, and always tries to find a way to help anyone in need – one can only imagine how this quality would translate into her patient care. “Hard-working” – when she used to face questions or doubts in her clinical work, she would follow professors even after hours until she finds the answers or way to improve, and the problem is solved. This is well known among handful of faculties at our dental school. When I asked her why she would do so much extra work, her answer was that she wasn’t born genius like few people in our class, so she has to put in more than those people. As healthcare providers, we know how dangerous it is to confine in one’s own intelligence. She is a continuously learning / evolving doctor. Her personable, sarcastic yet warm and funny characteristics are few of many of her added assets that brighten people around Dr. Le
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Dr. Nhu Le 5
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Dr. Nhu Le is a caring and very hardworking dentist who always puts her patient’s needs first. She is continuously learning and educating herself to give her patients the best care possible.
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