Dr. Sarolta Szabo

Dr. Sarolta Szabo, MD

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206 W County Line Rd.,Suite 340, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 80129, USA 303.888.6426
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Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 80129,

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Dr. Sarolta Szabo is a board-certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon. Her special interests and expertise include the prevention and treatment of skin cancer and the use of minimally invasive therapies for cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Szabo has a great deal of experience treating skin cancer with both surgical and non-surgical therapies. In addition to performing full-body skin cancer screening for her patients, she uses an experienced eye to diagnose and treat a wide variety of skin abnormalities, including acne and rosacea.

Dr. Szabo is a sought-after provider for dermatologic and anti-aging treatments due to her reputation and standard of excellence in all areas of dermatology. With extensive experience, she provides patients with the utmost precision in her use of Botox Cosmetics, dermal fillers and her care of sun damaged skin. Taking the necessary time to counsel and educate her patients on their treatment options, Dr. Szabo seeks the optimal outcome for each individual.

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