Dr. Kerstyn Morote García

Dr. Kerstyn Morote García,

Av. Nicolás de Piérola 724 dpto 207, Trujillo, 13001, Peru0051442249980051984835340
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Trujillo, 13001,

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Family and Community Medicine Specialist
Diploma of Medical Audit
Master in Management of Health Services
PhD student in Clinical and Translational Incestigation

Former Director of Insurance of the GERESA La Libertad
Former Director of the Hospital Primavera
Former Medical Auditor of SALUDPOL
Former Director of Humanity Health - Sede Trujillo

Master's Thesis Advisor in Management of Health Services UCV
UPAO Family Medicine Tutor

Secretary of the SOPEMFYC (Peruvian Society of Family and Community Medicine) - North Branch
Medical Advisor of Management of Health Services in Private EESS of Trujillo and Chimbote
Family Doctor - Hospital Albrecht I EsSalud
Dr. Kerstyn Morote García 5
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I have had the opportunity to work with Kerstyn in the international family medicine arena since 2016 where she has shown to be a motivated leader and team member. Specifically, we worked together during several WONCA Young Doctor Movement collaborations – most recently being the coupling of #SoMe and a Harvard MOOC course on quality and safety of patient care. Kerstyn has consistently been a team player – supporting others and providing valuable feedback. She is destined to have be a future leader of Peruvian family medicine and I look forward to continued collaborations with this strong physician-leader.
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