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Ioannina, 45445,

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Ioannina, 45445, Ghana
I was trained in the art of the pre-hospital management of patients at the EMS base in Thessaloniki-Greece, in ultrasound, as well as the management of patients in the emergency medicine setting in USA. I have further participated in many inter-YDM projects such as Balint 2.0 and #1WordforFamilyMedicine in addition to research, e-health, mobile health, social media revolution, global health innovation and #FOAM (Free Open Access ‘Meducation’). As a consequence, my focus is in exploring the possibilities of research, in order to improve primary care and emergency medicine in Greece through the implementation and integration of new technology tools.
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I have had the pleasure of working with Maria since 2013 most specifically through our online Balint 2.0 group where we optimized the digital technology for Balint group standardization. We further worked on multiple additional projects – such as the #1WordforFamilyMedicine and MOOC initiatives – which culminated in several publications. She has always been a strong leader and team member – consistently adding valuable insight and contributions. I look forward to many more years pushing the boundaries of our specialty. Any team is lucky to have Maria within their organization.
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