About Doctors’ Choice Awards


Every great work deserves to be recognized, including the work of doctors who contribute to the creation of a healthy, disease-free planet. Doctors’ Choice Awards are instituted to confer recognition upon the most deserving doctors through the publishing of 100% verified and statistically valid ratings and reviews from doctors to doctors.

Doctors’ Choice Awards facilitate medical professionals from different fields, who aspire for the highest standards of achievement and recognition, to come together on a common platform.

Doctors’ Choice Awards are not for sale. You can only earn them.


The Internet overflows with reviews and endorsements of doctors from patients, who can only speak from their personal experience.

But in an information-centric world, many discerning patients also wish to evaluate doctors with respect to their professional standing, recognition and endorsement within the medical fraternity.

Distinguish yourself from the competition by achieving a stellar recognition from Doctors’ Choice Awards.