Success Stories

Dr. Gregory Buford – 2015 Englewood City Winner in Plastic Surgery

I was very impressed that this new site actually was developed for addressing peer to peer reviews. I love the fact that you are able to comment on the leaders within your own industry and the fact this is not a popularity contest. This is actually based upon merits and reviews from other physicians, and not simply as many of these sites are, who happens to work at a specific hospital.

Dr. John Paul Tutela – 2015 West Orange City Winner in Plastic Surgery

I thought it was really a nice setup where they are basically based on recommendations from your own peers. So it is not necessarily just that your patients appreciate your work in your field, but actually other physicians. The award is really kind of given based on the review of other physicians in your area.

Dr. Hasan Ali – Top Plastic Surgeon for the Month of February / March 2016

Nowadays when there are lot of doctors in any specialty and people are always going online and they are reading the reviews of the doctors, this kind of award and this kind of platform is really helpful for selecting a doctor by patients. And also for the colleagues of other specialties, when they decide to refer to a particular doctor. They can always find out the doctors who are top doctors, who has good reviews, and they can always recommend these doctors for their patients.

Dr. Mary Lupo – 2014 & 2015 New Orleans Winner in Dermatology

It motivates me to continue to do more and better things. It always keeps you engaged in your profession when you interact with other people who keep you doing your best.

Dr. Ken Anderson – 2015 USA National Award Winner in Plastic Surgery

As the National Winner of the Doctor’s Choice Award in Plastic Surgery I display the award and trophy at my center to assure patients of outstanding and ethical care, and that my peers have endorsed me as a surgeon that they would recommend for hair restoration surgery services.

Dr. Neil Mcleod – 2014 West Hollywood Winner in Dentistry

Well I was surprised and highly complimented to receive that particular award particularly as my colleagues have voted for me to have that position I consider it a great honor thank you. I hope I live up to it, the award and prove deserving of it.

Dr. Joel Cohen – 2015 Englewood Winner in Dermatology

I think these awards help us learn a lot about our colleagues, and can be very helpful in many situations – such as when a patient moves to a different region of the country, we can help locate the physicians who have won these awards.

Dr. H.L. Greenberg – 2014 Las Vegas Winner in Dermatology

I am not sure how it happened. I think somebody reached out to me either on LinkedIn or from the website itself. Actually I think I was asked to review a friend in the colleague. I said it is great because this is a peer reviewed source. And I said I wonder if they will consider me and that is how that worked out.

Dr. Jim Arnold – 2014 USA National Award Winner in Dentistry

Ultimately, I think that patients KNOW that they are in the right office within minutes of arriving, and that is a real testament to my incredible team.

Michael R. Burgdorf, MD – 2014 USA National Award Winner in Plastic Surgery

I knew it would be a great opportunity to market my practice. As a physician, I only want to send my patients to the best physicians around. As doctors, we are able to look at other criteria that the general population may not be privy to. When I’m looking for other physicians myself, I want the inside scoop on doctors I am considering. Physicians are a candid group and tend to tell it like it is. I knew this would be extra special validation.