Be the DCA magazine cover
nobody can take their eyes off!!

DCA Megazine Cover 1   DCA Megazine Cover 2   DCA Megazine Back Cover  
You’ve made a mark in your medical industry if you land the cover of a magazine.

Even in an age where anything can get an online feature, the curated content of magazine is full of integrity and credibility. The cover would be the money maker that captures your feature story and unifies everything else in your release.

Why Personalised DCA Magazine?

  • Potential Patients get to know you as an award winning doctor recommended by doctors itself thus an increase in revenue through increased patient recruitment.
  • It will help showcase your own services and market directly to potential patients.
  • Make savings on printing costs, as one magazine will replace messy new referral packs, newsletters, leaflets, brochures, etc.
  • The DCA magazine will become recognized as a trusted opinion source, further cementing your reputation, because patients will associate you as a reputable service provider.
  • Research proves that magazines are kept for years, whereas leaflets are discarded within days or weeks.
  • Today’s patients do extensive research prior to visiting a doctor’s practice. It is smarter to participate in the research process by sending them copies of the magazine before a consultation.
  • Circulating your own DCA magazine can lead to significant increase in enquiries, referrals and treatment uptake.