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Dr. Amy Yeung

Dr. Amy Yeung,

Mount Royal Dental

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2043 Mount Forest Drive, , Burlington, , Ontario, L7P 1H4, Canada(905) 581-9912 (905) 332-4000
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2043 Mount Forest Drive, , Burlington, , Ontario, L7P 1H4,
(905) 581-9912
(905) 332-4000

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Dr. Yeung is Mount Royal Dental’s in-house periodontist, specializing in gum health. She works closely with patients to help them achieve healthy gum tissue and bone levels, as a strong foundation for all types of dental treatments. Dr. Yeung earned a Master’s degree in periodontal studies from the University of Toronto. She has been involved in a great deal of research in metabolic disease. In recent years, she has been recognized for her research projects and academics, acknowledging the thoroughness and quality of her work. Patients are quick to realize that Dr. Yeung brings sincerity and passion to her practice of periodontics. She says, “My patients usually have advanced gum disease or missing teeth, or they have reached the stage where they need oral surgery. I make sure they understand treatment recommendations and are comfortable with the plan. That creates a motivation to work together, to achieve improved oral health for the patient.” The transition to becoming part of the Mount Royal Dental team in 2009 was seamless. She quickly earned the trust of patients and peers with a caring personality, and vast knowledge and expertise. Dr. Yeung is pleased to be at a practice with a warm atmosphere, and a welcoming staff that makes everyone feel at home. Current technologies are at hand, and the specialists, general dentists, and staff work together to ensure that patients get comprehensive care. While she devotes many hours to periodontal practice and research, Dr. Yeung and her husband spend most of their spare time watching their two daughters grow! They also enjoy cooking and travel.

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