Brent Michael Egeland, MD

Brent Michael Egeland, MD,

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Austin, 78701, USA(877) 977-3866
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Austin, 78701,
(877) 977-3866

Dr. Jeanine Downie – ALASTIN SKIN CARE

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Services Offered: Trauma, Breast, and Oncologic Reconstruction, Microsurgery, Peripheral Nerve injuries, Facial Nerve paralysis, Rhinoplasty, and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Egeland completed his residency at University of Michigan Integrated Plastic Surgery program. He has been published many times on such topics as clinical anatomy and plastic and reconstructive surgery
Brent Michael Egeland, MD 5
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Brent was an outstanding resident during the time I was his chief resident. He would be in the top tenth percentile of residents I have supervised.
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