Dr. Dalya Rubanenko

Dr. Dalya Rubanenko, DC

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San Diego, California, 92121, USA858 455-7654
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San Diego, California, 92121,
858 455-7654

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Dr. Dalya Rubanenko, also known as “Dr. Ruby” is a licensed Chiropractor serving the San Diego community for 15 years. Dr. Dalya Rubanenko was a competitive gymnast and avid athlete in New Jersey. Chiropractic care was always an integral part of her health care whether it was for injury or maintenance reasons. Because of her sports background Dr. Ruby emphasizes taking a patient QUICKLY out of pain by using gentle and palliative care, followed by core strength training and exercise and rehabilitation to return the patient to normal function. She is trained in McKenzie therapy and uses NIMMO muscle work on trigger points throughout the body.

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