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Dr. Drazen Jukic, MD, PhD

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5400 Sutlive St, Savannah, Georgia, 31405, USA(912) 201-3825
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Savannah, Georgia, 31405,
(912) 201-3825

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Dr. Drazen Jukic is a pathologist in Savannah, Georgia and is affiliated with James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital-Tampa. He received his medical degree from University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.
Dr. Drazen Jukic 5
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I have known Dr. Jukic since July, 2000. He was at that time a Dermatopathology fellow for Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He completed his training and joined the faculty at UPMC. He and I have always shared a passion for informatics and I have learned a great deal from interacting with him. In 2003, Drazen had quickly risen to level of Director of Dermatopathology and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend one month as his resident. Dr. Jukic is an active and conscientious teacher. He challenged us to consider issues from new perspectives and often asked us very penetrating and important questions. He taught us to carefully consider the differential diagnosis on difficult cases and showed us how to properly handle the routine cases as well. Drazen’s personality is wonderful. He is outgoing and friendly, but not dominating. He has an obvious and sincere concern for others opinions and thoughts. I always felt at easy with him. I feel very confident that he will continue to be extremely successful in whatever he chooses to do. He is a focussed, hard-working and a very determined person. It is a great honor to have worked with him.
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Dr. Drazen Jukic 5
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Drazen is the director of dermatopathology in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh. He is nationally recognized as an expert dermatopathologist, particularly in the field of melanocytic lesions, and has a highly respected consultation service. He is also the director of the dermatopathology fellowship program, which under his mentorship has produced 12+ dermatopathologists, of which I am one. He is also well known for his research in digitizing pathology. Among his many attributes, I consider his best to be his fierce loyalty and sense of fairness. I began my career with Drazen as a fellow, then joined him on staff, and am now in my third year as faculty. I’ve turned down other positions to stay here, and one important reason for that is Drazen’s leadership and camraderie.
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