Haroun Rostami, DDS, MS

Haroun Rostami, DDS, MS,

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Los Angeles, California, 90049, USA(310) 979 8345
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Los Angeles, California, 90049,
(310) 979 8345

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Dr. Rostami, a leader in the field of prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, received his degree in doctorate of dental surgery from New York University , School of Dentistry , in 1994 after attaining his B.S. and M.S. degree respectively in civil and structural engineering.
His experience in these fields combined with his dental knowledge and skills add a special dimension to the art and science of dentistry. His works renowned for their intellectual perfection, technical command, and artistic beauty, have distinguished him among his colleagues.
Haroun Rostami, DDS, MS 5
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When my dental surgeon first referred me to Dr. Rostami, I was skeptical about working with someone I knew nothing about. And I had never heard about a “dental-implant” dentist. To my surprise, I now consider Dr. Rostami to be one of the most skilled dentists I have ever encountered in my many years od seeing dentists with various backgrounds and specialties. From the beginning, I was amazed to discover that sitting in a dentist’s chair could be a pleasant experience, even while getting dental work completed. Yet, this is exactly what my experience has been with Dr. Rostami. He is understanding, empathic, and most importantly, makes every effort to achieve perfection in his work. I believe that the ability to communicate with one’s dentist is very important. Dr. Rostami provides a relaxed atmosphere in which patients can discuss sensitive issues in a mature, creative, and productive manner. He takes whatever information is given to him, ask pointed questions, and presents his professional opinion on what would be the best plan going forward. Dr. Rostami helped me reach a decision about my work. with his encouragement, I was able to make some decisions I had felt anxious about earlier concerning health and financial issues. I know when my dental treatment is finally completed: I will appreciate Dr. Rostami’s advice even more. I am thankful for his expertise and knowledge, and I would not hesitate to refer others to him because that he would help them achieve their goals.
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