Dr. Jacob Torres

Dr. Jacob Torres,

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120 W Ashby Pl, San Antonio, Texas, 78212, USA (210) 468-1891
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San Antonio, Texas, 78212,
(210) 468-1891

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Dr. Torres is a proud native of San Antonio, TX. He was born to a Mexican immigrant and a mother that did not graduate from high school. He knows the value of living with struggles and feels very appreciative for the position that he is in today. He started off his professional career by teaching science at his Alma Mater and really enjoyed teaching kids . He thought he was going to teach and coach and eventually retire as an educator. At the time he was seeing his family struggle with health issues. He noticed that there was never an explanation for certain health issues and realized even more that there were no solutions or education being given to people that were struggling with chronic/preventable diseases. Seeing his mother struggle with chronic diseases such as diabetes, Granuloma Sarcoidosis and heart disease was all it took for Dr. Torres to make up his mind to be a part of this system that he felt was not adequately serving people

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