Dr. Jeffrey Buch

Dr. Jeffrey Buch, MD

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5616 Warren Parkway #101, Frisco, Texas, 75034, USA(972) 996-7177
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Frisco, Texas, 75034,
(972) 996-7177

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Dr. Jeffrey Buch (pronounced “Bush”), practices in the Dallas /Ft.Worth area. Dr. Buch is a world renowned surgeon and fertility specialist. Dr. Buch has been held in the highest regards by his peers and receives numerous referrals from fellow doctors all accross the world for his reverse vasectomy success. Dr. Buch has a world of experience performing reverse vasectomies. He first began in 1985, and on average has performed 3 procedures per week. Dr. Buch was raised in the Detroit area, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He remained at the University of Michigan for Medical School, and pursued his Surgery and Urology training at the Albany Medical Center of Union College in Albany, New York.

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