Dr. Jeffrey Buch

Dr. Jeffrey Buch, MD

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Frisco, Texas, 75034,
(972) 996-7177

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5616 Warren Parkway #101, Frisco, Texas, 75034, USA
(972) 996-7177
Dr. Buch uses his experience and expertise to carefully perform every operation, all while providing individual support and attention to each of his patients. With his formula of proficiency and exceptional patient care, 99% of Dr. Buch’s patients have been able to successfully return sperm to ejaculation after. This includes men who have had failed vasectomy reversal surgeries prior, as well as those who had their vasectomy more than 20 years ago, both of which are considered to have a low success rate in other doctor’s hands.

Dr. Buch’s relationship with each of his patients extends far beyond the duration of the procedure. Whether it’s a question about the operation, a concern about recovery, or the wonderful news of a new addition to the family, we maintain a line of communication with every patient for years after the vasectomy reversal surgery.

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