Dr. Manami Yamaguchi

Dr. Manami Yamaguchi, DMD

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15074 Bangy Rd , Lake Oswego , Oregon, 97035, USA503 506-2787
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Lake Oswego , Oregon, 97035,
503 506-2787

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She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at Portland State University, and became Dr. Yamaguchi, with Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) credentials from Oregon Health Sciences University. She gained a great deal of clinical experience in corporate dental care, before moving into private practice in Lake Oswego. Truly committed to dentistry as a healing profession, Dr. Yamaguchi’s perspective began to change. She recognized an ethical duty to do more for her patients than fix teeth. She grew into the role of gatekeeper for their overall wellness, administering dentistry using the safest and healthiest available techniques and materials. When the opportunity arose to become a practice owner, Dr. Yamaguchi embraced it. As owner of Dental Arts & Wellness, she is at liberty to structure care in the best interests of her patients. The practice is known for its core values of professionalism, attentiveness, and quality.
Dr. Manami Yamaguchi 5
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Obviously caring and knowledgeable! Best combination there is!
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Dr. Manami Yamaguchi 5
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Dr. Manami Yamaguchi is very accurate.
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