Dr. Michael A. Boggess

Dr. Michael A. Boggess, MD

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213 Overlook Circle, Suite B-3, Brentwood, Tennessee, 37027, USA615-942-8016
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Brentwood, Tennessee, 37027,

Dr. Jeanine Downie – ALASTIN SKIN CARE

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Dr. Boggess earned his reputation as Nashville’s Face Expert by creating a customized, signature approach to facelift surgery that sets him apart from other plastic surgeons. The Reflection Lift produces remarkable results that look natural because Dr. Boggess believes in a “less is more” philosophy that prevents results that look overdone. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, Dr. Boggess knows that creating facial harmony and balance is as important as minimizing wrinkles and lines.

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