Pamela A. Pappas, MD

Pamela A. Pappas, MD, MD, FAPA

Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, USA(480) 656-9218
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Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260,
(480) 656-9218

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Pamela A. Pappas MD is a board-certified psychiatrist, homeopath, executive coach, and author with over 35 years’ patient-care experience. She combines medical science, spirituality, psychology, and human heart in helping people uncover their own soul-sourced and practical answers for challenges in life, work and leadership. Her practice focuses on physicians and other health professionals who want to move through and beyond burnout.
Pamela A. Pappas, MD 5
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Dr. Pamel Pappas has my deep admiration for her expertise and dedication to her work as a homeopathic and integrative psychiatrist. Her knowledge is extensive. I’ve watched her work also as expert moderator for the physicians’ online FMM groups, and as a founding member of HealthTap. The detailed and compassionate answers she provides, and her consistent presence for patients online whom she will never meet, are a testament to her unique and outstanding presence
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Pamela A. Pappas, MD 5
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Dr. Pappas is a physician who cares – about her patients, her colleagues, her family and herself. Her chosen modality is classical homeopathy. She utilizes the skills she learned as a psychiatrist to listen, and hear, and match the most appropriate remedy to the person who is seeking help. She uses pharmacologic medication when appropriate, but mostly does not need the drugs in her patients who choose homeopathic treatment. She is a pleasure to work with as a colleague. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a homeopathic physician.
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