Dr. Peter Hilger

Dr. Peter Hilger, MD

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Edina, Minnesota, 55435, USA(952) 844 0404
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Edina, Minnesota, 55435,
(952) 844 0404

Dr. Jeanine Downie – ALASTIN SKIN CARE

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Dr. Hilger is a Surgeon at Facial PLastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Peter Hilger 5
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Peter Hilger is an outstanding researcher, clinician and surgeon. I have witnessed Dr. Hilgers fascinating lectures on reconstructive and cosmetics topics in facial plastic surgery. Moreover I have had the opportunity of observing Dr. Hilger perform live surgery at the Regensburg Course in Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Hilger has gifted hands, he executes surgical procedures with impeccable accuracy. The list of outstanding surgeons that have received their training from Dr. Hilger underlines his status as a world class facial plastic surgeon. Without hesitation I would entrust any of my family members to the medical care of Dr. Hilger.
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