Scott W. Stuart, MD, MS, FAAP

Scott W. Stuart, MD, MS, FAAP,

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Austin, Texas 78748, USA
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Austin, Texas 78748,

Dr. Sona J. Isharani – Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric Services
Scott W. Stuart, MD, MS, FAAP 5
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It was my honor to have served with then Commander (CDR) Scott Stuart at the Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) in Okinawa, Japan . As only 1 of 2 Doctors of Audiology on the entire island, it was my extreme pleasure to have worked alongside Dr. Stuart, the only Developmental Pediatrician in the entire Asian Pacific Region. Dr. Stuart is truly a rare find in these days of fast-paced modern medicine. He provides the utmost comprehensive, thorough, and ethical care I have ever known to happen in my 20+ years in the field. Being a Developmental Pediatrician is not just a job to Dr. Stuart. This is his passion and his life’s calling. Helping children with special needs and their family is what he does when no one else will. He steps up to the plate with heart felt compassion beyond anything I have ever witnesses. He provides very thorough, competent, and ethical care while also ensuring that each patient and their family is treated with respect. He listens not only with his mind but also his heart to the parents and patients. He is driven to ensure all that trust him with their care can rest assured they will be taken care of. No more hunting or changing doctors. This is a doctor you want for your child’s life. He takes this commitment seriously each and every day and with each and every patient. He is an amazing doctor and an every more amazing person and human being. This award could not happen to a more deserving person and doctor than Dr. Scott Stuart. He has my utmost respect and trust. Jamie M. Daut, Au.D.
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