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Dr. Sheryl Clark, MD FAAD

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109 E 61st St, New York, New York, 10065, USA(212) 750-2905
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New York, New York, 10065,
(212) 750-2905

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Dr. Clark is committed to providing only the best in aesthetic and preventative dermatology. Her treatment algorithms derive from peer-reviewed scientific research and more than 20 yrs of practice experience. Before obtaining her MD from Case-Western Reserve, she was a student of Anna Freud, a therapist and a medical editor in the UK. She was a research fellow for the CWRU Schistosomiasis Control Program in Kenya, Africa. She completed her training in medicine and then engaged in basic science research for 4 yrs during her residency at Washington University Medical Center/Barnes Hospital, where she was Chief Resident. Dr. Clark served as a full-time professor at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell before founding The Center for Aesthetic and Preventative Dermatology at East 61st Street and Park Avenue, and is Clinical Assistant Professor at Cornell University Medical College and Assistant Attending Physician at The New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Clark fulfilled her lifelong interest in wellness care and preventative medicine by creating a practice grounded in the tenets of traditional medicine and enhanced by those of integrative functional medicine. Her approach to patient care considers lifestage and -style’s impact on health, vitality, and beauty as well as longevity, inflammation, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other disease. Approaches to treat skin disorders and optimize skin health and beauty, at any age, may include prescription and/or non-Rx medication, nutritional counseling and supplementation, exercise guidance, or stress reduction methods. Dr. Clark is a highly skilled advanced injector of all dermal and deep fillers and botulinum medications with over 20 years’ experience, and owns and operates numerous medical devices for the treatment of the full range of aesthetic concerns of her patients, and knows that the best responses to aesthetic procedures are obtained when patient’s health and nutritional status are optimized.
Dr. Sheryl Clark 5
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Smart, talented and the consummate professional. Everything you would want in a physician you will find with Dr. Clark.
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Dr. Sheryl Clark 5
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Dr. Clark is an exceptional physician and person, and is the dermatologist to whom I have entrusted myself (a NYC physician) as well as many of my patients for the past 15-20 years. She is caring and careful, and takes the time to both listen and explain. She has a wide knowledge base and extensive experience in both traditional Dermatologic issues as well as advanced AntiAging techniques, and is unique in how she looks beyond the skin to also take into account how our unique internal physiology and metabolism affects skin issues. Her office staff are warm and professional, and her medical assistants are clearly well trained, thorough and experienced. -Linda Tao, MD, FACC, FACP, FABAARM
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