Dr. Valerie Braunstein

Dr. Valerie Braunstein,

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PA 19103, USA267-712-9217
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PA 19103,

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Dr. Braunstein is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania with over ten years of clinical experience gained in a variety of settings, including schools, outpatient, and partial hospitalization settings. A member in good standing with the American Psychological Association.
Dr. Valerie Braunstein 5
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I have worked with Dr. Braunstein for about 2 years. She is accessible, consistent, structured without being cold, and mission focused without losing a patient centered focus. Every patient I have asked her to see has given her a glowing review, and experienced significant improvements in functioning. I value her as a professional I can depend on to develop practical treatment plans AND execute them. I recommend her without reservation for children and adults looking for CBT-oriented talk therapy.
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Dr. Valerie Braunstein 5
has given a 5 out of 5 star rating on
Dr. Braunstein is a warm, caring, and highly skilled psychologist who has expertise working with children suffering from anxiety. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the first rate mental health care.
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