Yvonne de Paiva Buischi, DDS, PhD

Yvonne de Paiva Buischi, DDS, PhD,

New York,
Yvonne de Paiva Buischi, DDS, PhD (1)
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New York,

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Specialties: Strategic management and planning coupled with international expertise working with governments, NGOs, IGOs and several multinational corporations.Designing and managing community health programs focused in oral health promotion, developing new products in the field of oral health care, editorial expertise in the health field.

.Periodontist, DDS, PhD . Dental Researcher/Consultant,NYC .International Associate Manager, Brazilian Dental Association (ABO) .Member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Panel for Oral Health .UN Volunteer . Former Consultant, Brazilian National Government, and to several multinational corporations, recent clients include: Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Pfizer Inc. . Planned and executed numerous oral health campaigns sponsored by international oral care companies in Brazil . Former President, Brazilian Association of Preventive Dentistry: organized numerous national and international conferences and congresses in the health field .Skilled in public speaking with over 150 national (Brazil) TV appearances and radio communications on issues related to health promotion . Several scientific papers on dental preventive programs for children and adolescents, published in prestigious international journals and presented in dental meetings all over the world . Research and development of new products in the area of oral health care . Former Associate Editor, Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. Currently member of various editorial boards of other prestigious scientific journals.
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Assocate Professor Yvonne Buischi is an extraordinary bright and efficient collegue. We have had a very good cooperation since 1981 and published some research papers in wellknown scientific journals together.
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