Doctors’ Choice Awards Widget Generator

Your medical website isn't complete without the Doctors' Choice Awards widget

Our widget gives you a simple way to add DCA to your own website or blog. It is easy to implement and links directly to your professional profile.

The benefits of adding our widget:

  • Add credibility and prestige to your website
  • Lead patients directly to your most influential reviews
  • Showcase your honors
  • Prospective patients will instantly see that you are a respected medical professional
  • Set your website apart

Widget FAQ

Is the Doctor's choice award free?


How do I install the widget?

All you need is a line of HTML code, which we will provide. Simply insert it into your website's source code, and your widget will appear.

Can I use the DCA widget on multiple websites?

Yes. The widget is customized to your own profile, and you are free to use it on any of your websites. It is a great way to take your online image to a whole new level, and show the world that you are a doctor's doctor.

Where do I start?

Click here for your own customized Doctors' Choice Awards website widget.

Get the Doctor's Choice Awards widget for your medical website

Add a distinctive touch to your website, and immediately identify yourself to visitors as an esteemed professional in your field. It takes just seconds to add a customized widget, showcasing your professional profile. When visitors click on it, they will be taken to your page, allowing them to see more information and great reviews.

About the DCA widget

It couldn't be simpler to add a custom widget to your own website or websites. We will provide a line of unique HTML code, which you simply insert into the source code of your site. Visitors to your site can immediately identify you as a serious and respected professional.

The clickable widget not only showcases your profile on your own site, but also links directly to your DCA page. This directs prospective patients to your most powerful online reviews, which come from fellow medical professionals.

Why should you add our widget to your practice website?

You put a lot of time, effort, and money into your website. Yet, most people don't even stay long enough to notice. A large percentage of visitors to a website leave within seconds, without reading a sentence or watching a video. If you want the opportunity to convert visitors into patients, you need to catch their attention immediately. A DCA widget helps you identify yourself as a highly rated, respected professional the instant your website loads.

In the virtual world, just like in the real world, first impressions are invaluable. Sometimes it is the small details, like a Rolex on a person's wrist, that define a person's image. Just think of your DCA profile widget as your website's Rolex, immediately sensing the message that commands respect and sets you apart from the crowd.

What are you waiting for? Click here to get your free widget today!


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