We believe that every great work deserves recognition, and doctors should be recognized for their commitment to excellence and praised for their contribution to the society. The reasons why we created Doctors’ Choice Awards – to facilitate the consumer buying process by publishing 100% verified, statistically valid, ratings and reviews from doctors to doctors.

The Awards brings together doctors from various medical fields, allowing them to set a benchmark in many categories. This award is not purchased. It can only be earned.

Supported by local and global media outlets, respected physicians from around the world, the Award brings vast opportunities to all participants. We strongly believe that by encouraging appreciation for excellence in any aspect of medicine through the Doctors’ Choice Awards, we facilitate the advancement of the services in the region, bring new opportunities to physicians , and help to build a better society.

Patient’s Perspective

When my father started losing his memory, I did not rely on consumers to help me find the best medical doctor who could treat my father. I relied on the advice of other doctors. But when it comes to making that choice with the help of the internet why is it that the only type of reviews I have of doctors are from consumers just like me who do not have the medical training or education to help me pick the best doctor.

I did not want to rely only on the advice of consumers like me when I picked my doctors. Instead, I wanted to find the doctors’ doctor. That information was not easily available.

So we created Doctors’ Choice Awards as a way to encourage reviews by doctors of doctors and recognize those doctors who earn the trust and respect of their teachers, colleagues, classmates and referring doctors.


The Doctors’ Choice Awards provides a platform for physicians around the world and also open to organizations of any size providing services to doctors.


Doctors’ Choice Awards is designed to help doctors fight back against unfounded criticism, and to have a positive influence on the overall perceptions of consumers. The process is straightforward. The nomination process involves reviews and rating by other physicians and peers which goes through a rigorous verification process for validity of the review and the physician who reviewed. Doctors review and rate other doctors on DoctorsChoiceAwards.org. You simply get reviews from doctors who are colleagues, friends, teachers, referring doctors, and those who have worked with you in the past, enhancing your online reputation.


The rating and reviews are published in the nominee profiles and are transparent to public. A winner will be selected from every city represented, based on the quantity and quality of doctor reviews received within a year. From the pool of City winners, a National winner will also be chosen.

The Doctors’ Choice Awards is judged by independent marketing experts, who pay tribute to outstanding experience helping doctors who know where they want to go, and to get there!

Organisations that demonstrate measurable achievements in core aspects of their business with doctors will be recognized and celebrated via tailored set of award categories and subcategories.


There are two stages of achievement in the Professional Services Awards as a result of the judging process:


Taking place from 15th November every year, all nominees will be assessed by the DCA panel resulting in successful candidates being awarded winner status. The top-scoring nominees in each medical specialty will receive the National Winner awards in their respective countries.


We believe having the ability to easily highlight testimonials from other doctors by itself is a big win. However, every 15th November we also select winners by city based on the number of quality reviews obtained within the year.

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