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Dr. Rene Piedra

Dr. Rene Piedra

Feel Good Dentistry

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Dr. Rene Piedra
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7887 N. Kendall Dr. STE 220, Miami, Florida, 33156,
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Sedation and Cosmetic Dentist and author, Dr. Rene Piedra pioneered the availability of sedation dentistry in South Florida starting in 1999, bringing oral health to a previously neglected and needy population. His innovative fear allaying techniques have brought relief and health to almost 40,000 South Floridians; techniques ranging from pain-free consultations, procedures and injections to embarrassment free and guilt-free doctor-patient relationships.

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Dr. Rene Piedra
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Excellent bedside manner, excellent skills, excellent customer service by the office. I felt no pain at all.

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