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Dr. Edgar Mendieta

Dr. Edgar Mendieta,

Global Smiles Orthodontics

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3160 W Broad St , Columbus, Ohio, 43204, USA614-230-0374
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3160 W Broad St , Columbus, Ohio, 43204,

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Dr. Mendieta has lived and visited many places around the world before meeting his love, Tina. They both live locally, here in Columbus, with their puggle, Lulu.

Dr. Mendieta received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA and went to dental school at the University of the Pacific, in San Francisco. After practicing general dentistry, Dr. Mendieta became an orthodontist upon completion of an orthodontic speciality program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He was past President of the Cleveland Society of Orthodontists and is the current President of the Ohio Association of Orthodontists.

“I have a passion for travel and have lived in New Zealand and Spain. I have been fortunate to have visited 24 countries so far! I speak fluent Spanish and enjoy reading. My past experiences in foreign countries and literature preferences have led me to have a deeper appreciation and understanding for people of diverse backgrounds. Rowing on the UCLA Crew team solidified the importance of teamwork. I enjoy staying active by running, swimming, biking, and attempting to play tennis. You might see me running around Antrim.

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