DCA 100

Make it to the 2019 DCA Top 100 Doctors list!

Doctors’ Choice Awards has the best ten percent of doctors, ranked by impartial peer review.

The doctors who have already made to the annual DCA Top 100 doctors list are recognized for having attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.

Congratulation to the doctors who have made it to the top 100 Doctors list! Good Luck to all the other doctors who are working on getting more peer reviews to make it to list.
Top 100 Badge

  • Dr. Sejal Shah
  • Dr. Chad Brashear
  • Dr. Peter Kanaris
  • Dr. Alexander Shapsis
  • Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke
  • Dr. Peregrine M. Kavros
  • Dr. S. Jay Bowman
  • Dr. Ghazala Ahmed
  • Dr. Stephen Snyder
  • Dr. Nyer Firdoose
  • Dr. Roger Libby
  • Dr. Michael Lynn Gurney
  • Dr. E. Martin Maida
  • Dr. Jackie Berkowitz
  • Dr. Joel Cohen
  • Dr. Anthony Maganzini
  • Dr. Rashmi Mishra
  • Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh
  • Dr. Ali Charafeddine
  • Dr. Bill Williams
  • Dr. Michael Goldberg
  • Dr. Tatiana Khrom
  • Dr. Ahmed M. Shamiyah
  • Dr. Tracey R. Hughes
  • Dr. Sylvain Chamberland
  • Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh
  • Dr. Karishma Patil
  • Dr. Deepak Mohan
  • Dr. Palka Sawhney Sharma
  • Dr. Michael Bermant
  • Dr. April Ziegele
  • Dr. Laura Fauchier
  • Dr. Daniel Bruce
  • Dr. Stephen Matarazzo
  • Dr. Greg S. Morganroth
  • Dr. Rand Spongberg
  • Dr. Kunal Gupta
  • Dr. Imran Ashraf
  • Dr. Mayank Singh
  • Dr. Mark Tam
  • Dr. Chitra Shikaram
  • Dr. Steven Gorin
  • Dr. Alan Ackermann
  • Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi
  • Dr. Edwin F. Williams III
  • Dr. Carmen Meadows
  • Dr. Otto J. Placik
  • Dr. Taskin Sarikaya
  • Dr. Sue Onispir-Kafali
  • Dr. Wilsa Charles Malveaux
  • Dr. Julia Brown
  • Dr. Omar Ali
  • Dr. Ahmad Ahmad
  • Dr Shaileshkumar Garge
  • Peter P. Rullan, MD
  • Dr. Matthew J Nykiel
  • Dr. Gazmend Bojaj
  • Dr. Mary Lupo
  • Dr. Seepika Jaiswal
  • Dr. Michael R. Burgdorf
  • David Poiman, DMD, FAGD
  • Dr. Marco Pelosi II