What Our Doctors Say

Dr. Clemens Esche

Being the National Winner in 2014 has completely changed my online reputation and has basically doubled my patient numbers. Becoming the National Winner in 2015 will again boost my reputation among patients and my patient numbers. I am therefore extremely grateful to your organization for providing me with this unique opportunity.
– Clemens Esche, MD, National Winner 2015 – Dermatology

I am truly honored to have won this award at the national level. This is the most meaningful recognition my team and I have received for our clinical work. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and also the entire team at Doctors’ Choice Awards and specifically Ms. Keziah Royeston for all the wonderful support. All my best for 2015! With warm personal regards
– Clemens Esche, MD, National Winner 2014 – Dermatology
Dr. Maryam Seifi's Profile

I am so honored to have received this award from my peers. Helping others live happier, healthier lives through dentistry is my passion. Because oral health is so integral to one’s overall well-being, my mission is to provide the highest standard of dental care available.
– Dr. Maryam Seifi, National Winner 2015 – Dentistry (USA)
Dr. Ken Anderson's Profile

I display the award and trophy at my center to assure patients of outstanding and ethical care, and that my peers have endorsed me as a surgeon that they would recommend for hair restoration surgery services.
– Dr. Ken Anderson, National Winner 2015 – Plastic Surgery (USA)
Dr. Richard A Norden's Profile

To be honored by your peers is such a remarkable achievement. I am grateful that my colleagues chose to recognize my contributions to the ophthalmology field.
– Dr. Richard A Norden, 2015 National Winner in Ophthalmology.
Dr. Jim Arnold with Award

I am extraordinarily honored to have been nominated and even more excited about actually winning this award. Being recognized by my peers for my commitment to excellence in dentistry is truly humbling. It’s really a testament to my awesome team and their hard work in making our practices something special.
– Dr. Jim Arnold, National Winner 2014 – Dentistry
Michael Burgdorf with Award

This is a great honor that will help differentiate me from other doctors. In today’s environment, the power of a physician referral cannot and should not be ignored. This award allows for separation from the crowd of competing surgeons.
– Michael Burgdorf, MD, National Winner 2014 – Plastic Surgery
Dr. Gregory Buford

From all of us at BEAUTY by BUFORD, we’d like to thank Doctor’s Choice for recognizing us as a Top Plastic Surgery practice. We have had the pleasure of sharing this honor with our patients and greatly appreciate the recognition!
– Dr. Gregory Buford
Dr. Christopher Phelps

I truly feel honored to have been selected as 2016 March Doctors Choice Award winner. To know that I was nominated and awarded based off how I’ve impacted the lives of other Dental Specialists and Dentists such as my self was really humbling. Thank you to all whole participated and shared your stories. I look forward to continuing to serve you all.
– Dr. Christopher Phelps
Dr. Lemnique Wafer

I am truly honored to have been nominated and to win Top Veterinarian of March, I appreciate all of my colleagues reviews and support! This is a great platform to recognize so many amazing Doctors in all specialties!
– Dr. Lemnique Wafer
Dr. Sabrina Strickland

Wow! I love what I do: enabling my patients to live life to their fullest potential. And, to be recognized by my peers is the cherry on top. Thanks Doctors’ Choice Awards – The pleasure is mine & I humbly appreciate the award.
– Dr. Sabrina Strickland
Dr. Neil Mcleod

I was surprised and highly complimented to receive that particular award particularly as my colleagues have voted for me to have that position I consider it a great honor thank you. I hope I live up to it, the award and prove deserving of it.
– Dr. Neil Mcleod
Dr. Babak Ghassemi

Thank you so much Doctors’ Choice Awards! Honored to be in consideration, and with such great fellow nominees!
– Babak Ghassemi, DDS, FACDS
Dr. Misbah Khan

I wanted to humbly thank you for such an esteemed award. Thank you :). This is such a great organization with specific goals. You help doctors just as much as patients, helping them find what’s best for their needs. Keep up the good work.
– Misbah Khan, MD FAAD
Dr. Mira Stotland

I am thrilled and will happily place this award on my new website. I think the website is very helpful and giving patients more information about the doctors they are choosing to see. It’s beneficial to both doctors and patients.
– Dr. Mira Stotland
Dr. Alan L. Frame

I would like to acknowledge Serena Adams for her excellence in representing Doctors’ Choice Awards. With great patience Serena guided me through the entire process. I credit Serena with giving me the impetus to reach out to my fellow colleagues to further bonds with them. Additionally, I have already made new contacts via my experience with LinkedIn, Doctors’ Choice Awards and Serena. It is with great pride that I can now say I have the City Award for Santa Clara, CA. I could not have achieved this without Serena. I have no doubt that my practice has and will benefit from my relationship with Doctors’ Choice Awards and Serena Adams.
– Alan L. Frame, DDS
Dr. David T. W. Chiu

It is an honor as it is an approval and encouragement from my peers. I take great pride of being a plastic surgeon. I believe as a professional group we are among the most altruistic , the most creative and the most multitalented.
– David T. W. Chiu, MD, FACS, FAAP
Dr. Mayoor Patel

It truly is a gratifying feeling knowing my peers and colleagues trust in me and my services in the field of craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine. I strive to remain ahead of the advancements in craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine, which is why receiving the Atlanta Award for Dental Sleep Medicine in 2015 is such an honor. I look forward to working with further with my peers and colleagues in 2016 to further exemplify the Doctors’ Choice Award’s mission and values.
– Mayoor Patel DDS, MS

It is an honor to receive my nominee badge from the Doctors’ Choice Awards. Just as I always enjoy hearing about my patients’ experiences, I also value the opinions of my peers. Hearing from other doctors in the area that they would recommend my services means I am doing something right. I look forward to hearing more from my peers and continuing to provide superior care for my patients.
– Dr. Mayoor Patel, an expert in dental sleep medicine and TMD in Atlanta, GA
Dr. Mark A. Venincasa

Thank you for all you do for us all. I do appreciate it. You are efficient and a pleasure to work with. I also appreciate your activity within LinkedIn and our pages. You are very engaged and present. Thank you so much for your efforts in assisting me. Your energy is inspiring.
– Dr. Mark A. Venincasa, DDS, General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Jeffrey Priluck

I am very honored to have been chosen as a nominee for the Doctors’ Choice Award in Dentistry for 2014. This is an award voted on by my dental peers which makes it that much more appreciated and meaningful.
– Dr. Jeffrey Priluck, DMD, MAGD, FAAID
Dr. Bill Williams

Always good to see recognition for helping others. Being a good witness for Christ is certainly a commandment that is important to follow.
– Dr. Bill Williams DDS
Dr. Lousine V. Kirakosian

I would like to send my appreciation regarding the city award. It approved that whatever we do for others in this short life, it remains and is immortal.
– Dr. Lousine V. Kirakosian, DDS
Dr. Andrew Goldberg

Wow! It’s nice to be recognized for doing the right thing, taking care of my patients, keeping up with the latest trends, and educating people on the benefits of plastic surgery. Thanks
– Dr. Andrew Goldberg, Virginia Plastic
Dr. Charles J. Cattano

Thanks for the honor and the recognition! I’m grateful and appreciative –a reward for doing what I love, caring for my patients!
– Charlie Cattano, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF
Dr. Andres Taleisnik

Any positive recognition from peers, such as Doctors’ Choice, is always appreciated. The idea is excellent.
– Dr. Andres Taleisnik
Dr. Lee Schmitt

I am honored at my selection as the Top Bariatric Surgeon of the Month by Doctor’ Choice. All such recognition is special to me, but since this honor is based on peer recognition, it is especially meaningful. I appreciate Doctor’s Choice and applaud their efforts to help patients make the best healthcare decisions.
– Lee Schmitt, MD, FACS
Dr. Pankaj P. Singh

Thank you so much for the acknowledgement. It’s not every day that you get to hear what your fellow colleagues think about you, it’s quite humbling and proud feeling at the same time so a service such as yours is invaluable not only from a professional evaluation standpoint but also to showcase to ones patients how their doctor is perceived by their profession in an unbiased fashion. Thank you for this great service and I wish you continued success.
– Pankaj P. Singh, DDS, DICOI, DABOI/ID, FAAID
Dr. Jennifer Loh

I am very honored to be recognized on Doctors’ Choice Awards! This is the first online forum that allows members of our profession give feedback on their colleagues and is invaluable to our community. Being recognized and respected by our peers is a powerful testament to the quality of care we provide.
– Jennifer Loh, MD – South Florida Vision Associates
Dr. Jennifer Ahdout

It is nice to receive this recognition from our colleagues with this award. To have the support of well-respected physicians in the field really has an influence in the way that our patients perceive us.
– Jennifer Ahdout, MD
Dr. Joel Schlessinger

I am so excited to be included in this very special list. Being recognized is always an honor, but when it is from your own colleagues it is an even greater honor. I’m delighted that DCA offers this opportunity for doctors in the United States!
– Joel Schlessinger, MD, FAAD, FAACS – A Board-Certified Dermatologist & Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Adel Elmodeir

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be among the candidates to win the prize for the best doctors whether in the world or on the level of the city. Thank you again.
– Adel Elmodeir, MD
Dr. H.L. Greenberg

Patients see my Doctor’s choice award and feel reassured that my colleagues recognize me as a physician to whom they would feel comfortable sending their patients. I’m honored to have been chosen as a Doctors’ Choice Awards recipient.
– H.L. Greenberg, MD
Dr. Lisa Zaleski

It is an honor to be nominated for the Doctors’ Choice Award for Dermatology in San Diego for 2015. This distinction is greatly appreciated.
– Lisa Zaleski, DO
Dr. Arisa Ortiz

It is truly an honor to receive the Doctors’ Choice Award. It means so much to have been recognized by my peers. The Doctors’ Choice Award is a great way to assist patients in making informed decisions about their care.
– Arisa Ortiz, MD
Dr. Dzifa S. Kpodzo

I am so thrilled and appreciative to have received this distinction from my peers. Thank you all and thank you Doctors’ Choice Awards!
– Dr. Dzifa S. Kpodzo
Steven E. Zimmet, MD RPVI RVT FACPh

I am honored to receive this prestigious award, particularly because it reflects reviews from my peers.
– Steven E. Zimmet, MD RPVI RVT FACPh
Dr. Hasan Ali

I would like to congratulate team of doctors choice award for creating an excellent platform for doctors where their peer can review and submit valuable comments.
This is not only helpful for nomination and selection of an award but an excellent tool for patients and doctors selecting a particular doctor in any medical specialty.
I am very grateful to all my colleague doctors who submitted encouraging remarks about my work, personality and helped me in nominating for this award.
– Dr. Hasan Ali
Dr. Joel Cohen

I feel very honored to have won this award! I think these awards help us learn a lot about our colleagues, and can be very helpful in many situations – such as when a patient moves to a different region of the country, we can help locate the physicians who have won these awards.
– Dr. Joel Cohen
Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh

Receiving the doctor’s choice award is an honor. It feels invaluable to have such kind words from my fellow colleagues. It holds me to the expectation that I have already set for myself, and reinforces the professionalism that I have works so hard to maintain. Further, it has provided me with great clout among my patients and community. Receiving this award and greatly boosted my patient growth. I thank the review committee and my fellow colleagues for the recognition and hope to uphold and exceed your expectations!
– Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh
Dr. Mary Lupo

I’m honored to be recognized as the Top Dermatologist for the month of June by Doctor’s Choice Awards. Thanks to all of my peers for their kind words and support!
– Dr. Mary Lupo
Dr. Jonathan Mandras

It’s an honor to receive my winner badge from the Doctors’ Choice Awards. Just as I always enjoy hearing about my patients’ experiences, I also value the opinions of my peers. Hearing from other doctors in the area that they would recommend my services means I am doing something right. I look forward to continuing to provide superior care for my patients,
– Dr. Jonathan Mandras
Dr. John Paul Tutela

I am very excited about the award It is nice to know trying to do your best at work and provide good care for patients, and your colleagues, and your colleagues’ patients, and then to be recognized for that is always a humbling experience and very appreciated. I spent a lot of time with my patients both before and after surgery, and it is really nice to know that both them and my physician colleagues recognize and appreciate that.
– Dr. John Paul Tutela
Dr. Nissan Pilest

I am very excited. It is so nice to be recognized for doing something you love and do everyday. I appreciate the consideration and feel honored to be the winner.
– Dr. Nissan Pilest
Dr. Joanna Chan

Thank you for this great honor. I am thrilled to be recognized by my colleagues as a top dermatologist.
– Dr. Joanna Chan